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Awesome Things to Do With Your Sydney Escort 1

There are a lot of great things you can do with your Escort, and it really all depends on your mood. To spice things up we’ve listed down some of the most exciting, kinkiest and wildest sex role plays you can do and act out when you’re with sexy Sydney escorts. Some of these may not suit your style but we assure you everything’s worth a try so read on and enjoy!

What to do with Escorts when you feel like being a bad boy:

Dominatrix Role Play

This will be perfect for you if you like being dominated by a woman. The idea of being dominated really turns on some men. Imagine being tied up or cuffed to the bed, unable to do anything but to give in to the woman’s wishes, she can do anything to your body while you lay helpless and unable to move, because you know, you’ve been a very naughty boy who deserves a good spanking!

Stand Up and Be Recognised

It really is so sexy when a woman gives you that seductive look and starts to kneel before you, grabs your dick and starts sucking like crazy until you reach kingdom cum. So stand up and be recognised!

Voyeurism Role Play

Do you remember the times when you tried climbing up windows just so you could peek inside and see your beautiful neighbor undressing and doing the deed with somebody? We bet you went through something like this. Imagine watching two ridiculously hot young girls making out while you’re watching behind the scenes, their bodies covered in sweat while their tongues and fingers do a lot of nasty things to each other. That’s heaven right? We bet you couldn’t resist!

Awesome Threesome

This one’s connected to what’s been mentioned above, after watching two hot girls making out, all wet and ready for the taking, who wouldn’t want to jump in and join the party?

Who’s Your Daddy?

If you feel good being dominated, you’d feel even better being the one who’s dominating. Bad girl’s needs some good spanking, so start barking orders, make her do anything you want and watch her beg for more. Submission is a good thing; it makes you feel like a king!