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 Escorts for Japanese visitors by Hush Escorts Australia

Hush Escorts, a world renowned and multi-award winning escort agency based in Sydney, Australia introduces another new and exciting escort service offering: Exclusive escorts for Japanese visitors

The number of Japanese tourists visiting Sydney, Australia has constantly increased over the years with most Japanese businessmen and pleasure seekers preferring to spend precious holiday retreats in the Harbour City, as it serves as the most ideal place for rest and recreation. Japanese nationals who have tasted the good life in this world-class city will readily attest that Sydney has everything!

Sydney strikes a perfect balance of modernity and natural beauty unique to its location never seen nor experienced anywhere in the world. The breathtakingly beautiful Australian landscape serves as a backdrop to modern structures which seamlessly blend with the environment to create paradise, or Rakuen to the Japanese. Rakuen is a Japanese word that has now become synonymous to Sydney, and is widely used by the Japanese to describe the city and its wonderful offerings.

It’s easy to understand why Japanese visitors favor Sydney, Australia as a top destination of choice. First of all, they enjoy the healthy mix of classical and modern lifestyle in a highly urbanised setting which they are all too familiar with, as Japan is also a highly urbanised and ultra-modern country which values and preserves their classical heritage as shown by their culture. Second, the Japanese love good food, especially seafood, which Sydney has in abundance. They also love the fact that there are many world-class restaurants that offer Japanese cuisine. Third, the Japanese love to explore, they are natural born explorers and adventurers and the environmental and geographical wonders of Sydney’s unique landscape especially the white and golden sand beaches, the endless coastlines, the virgin forests, the flora and fauna strikes them in awe every time. Fourth, they love the finer things in life, the good life, which the Harbour City is well known for and which the Japanese seek when they are on vacation. Fifth, and perhaps the most important attribute that they love about Sydney above all is its beautiful women. The Japanese are known to appreciate great beauty and they just can’t have enough of it, and this is the reason why they love Sydney!

Sydney escorts are regarded as the best in the world! Their natural beauty and charm has captivated the Japanese and some of them actually travel to Sydney just to spend time with their favorite escorts. Hush Escorts, Sydney’s leading provider of escort services counts among its valuable clientele Japanese nationals who regularly seek out the services of the agency’s beautiful escorts whenever they are in the city. The Japanese love the fact that the high-class Escorts of Hush are the perfect temporary dates they can spend time with, be it in the great outdoors or in the comfort of their bedrooms, playing out their wildest and kinkiest fantasies with the women of their dreams!

Exclusive Escorts for Japanese visitors are now available at Hush Escorts, with escort service packages especially designed to please and bring more pleasure to our Japanese friends. Need help booking online? Contact us!


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