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Adding a Third Person into the Mix

Heterosexual relationships are considered to be the “norm”, but the truth is they can be dull and predictable. Monotony is never a good thing in anything and relationships are not the exception. With time the spark between two people diminishes, but it’s possible to light it up again especially with a high class escort. The key is to go outside the comfort zone and break the pattern of what’s considered to be the norm. Don’t pay attention to society’s ideal of a perfect relationship- visit an escort agency. Do what you two find the best, most exciting thing for a strong bond and amazing sex life. One of the most exciting ways to bring more excitement to the relationship and escape from monotony is to add a third person into the mix- especially an escort. Experimenting with bisexuality can be exciting for a girl, especially when that girl is in a relationship with you or call a girl from an escort agency in Sydney.

Let’s be honest, at the beginning of a relationship you can’t get enough of each other, but then the feeling decreases. It may not go away entirely, but you notice your sex life has become robotic and monotonous. This happens when people start looking at sex as a chore, not an opportunity to bond with their partner. To keep relationships healthy and strong, you need to spice things up from time to time. Adding a third person into the mix is a great way to do that, but it’s not something to introduce to your life out of blue. Remember, a girl’s opinion about this also matters. You can’t and shouldn’t introduce a new person into your relationship without consulting the significant other. If she’s not okay with the idea, then don’t go there until she feels it’s okay. You may want to start watching porn together first. Choose girl-on-girl videos to see whether she likes them or to determine the sex acts she likes the most. Then, you can slide in with the suggestion that you two should try the same. But make sure she’s aware you’re not trying to replace her. In fact, you want to make her happy just as much as she wants to make you happy. Besides girl-on-girl action, you may also want to watch threesomes. She may be interested in the idea when she sees how hot it can be to have occasional fun with a smoking hot girl.

Have realistic expectations, though. Don’t expect her to say yes immediately. Tons of questions are going through her mind right now. You shouldn’t push her into making a decision right away. Instead, you need to be supportive and encouraging. Make sure she knows you’re trying to spice things up and avoid blaming her for dull sex life. A girl needs to feel like her man is still attracted to her and that’s exactly what you need to let her know. To make it easier for her, try to recommend doing it with a girl you don’t know. Both of you! That way, she won’t feel like you’re just trying to hook up with someone you know. Good idea is to have some fun with bi-curious escorts.