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Achieving an Orgasm Together with a High Class Sydney Escorts

What every couple wants is an awesome sex life and simultaneous orgasm. In theory that isn’t so hard to achieve. “Both of you just need to be synced up and really enjoy it”, that’s what people say. Easier said than done! The reality is that most couples struggle to achieve orgasm together. But this is not a problem that affects couples in long-term relationships only. Even hooking up with someone and one night stands can have the same issue – two people failing to achieve orgasm at the same time. Everyone can have this issue, but you need to know it can be incredibly easy to fix it. Read on to get simple tips and tricks to achieve orgasm simultaneously with our high class Sydney escorts and take your sex life to a whole new level.

Learn more about your own orgasm

Sometimes we are so consumed with the sheer desire to make our partner orgasm that we forget about ourselves. Sure, sexual intercourse is all about pleasing the partner to ensure they have an incredible experience and intense orgasm, but we shouldn’t forget about our needs. 

The reason is simple – if you ignore your needs and don’t know what works for you or not, then how can your partner know that? In fact, until you learn more and master your own orgasm it will be difficult to climax at the same time with your significant other. 

Focusing on your own needs is crucial. Therefore, take some time to learn about your orgasm, what works for you, and what doesn’t. That way, it will be easier for you to find someone who can meet your needs. 

Foreplay is king

Men and women view foreplay differently. Women usually love foreplay more and are more inclined to spend a great deal of time on it. On the other hand, men consider foreplay as something they need to finish as soon as possible to get to the main event. 

However, focusing on foreplay is important if you want to achieve orgasm simultaneously. It’s quite simple actually. Men achieve orgasm faster than women. Without thorough foreplay, women are left without satisfaction and the climax doesn’t happen at the same time. But, foreplay can make up for the timing imbalance and help you reach orgasm simultaneously. Kissing, oral sex, caressing, options are endless when it comes to foreplay.

What simultaneous means to you?

Just like with relationships, the key to great sex and simultaneous orgasms is communication. We often fail to communicate properly expecting that our partner can simply read our minds. It doesn’t work that way. Feel free to talk about these things with your loved one. Define what simultaneous means to both of you.

Most people think that simultaneous orgasms mean climaxing at the same time, like at the same second or so. It doesn’t have to be like that. Climaxing together can simply mean reaching an orgasm close to one another.

Once you define what simultaneous means to you, it will be easier to achieve it. 

Have fun

We tend to put way too much stress into sexual performance, but it only leads to the opposite effects. Make sure to have fun while you’re doing it. That’s what sex is all about. Whether you’re with an escort or your girlfriend or wife, it’s crucial to make sure both of you are chill, stress-free, and having tons of fun.

Probably the best way to work on your sex skills and simultaneous orgasm is to get yourself an escort in Sydney. That way, you can take your sexual performance to a whole new level.