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A Practical Guide to How to Book an Escort

So, you want to book an escort and aren’t sure what to do? The whole process should be simple and fun. After all, you’re eager to meet the Sydney escort you booked, and you want to have some fun. For that reason, booking her shouldn’t be a stressful  endeavour. Below, you will find an outline on how to make this happen.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that you need to be friendly and respectful. Nobody likes or wants a rude or impolite client. A well-mannered attitude is paramount here. Some agencies don’t even want to deal with overbearing people. 

So, what to do before contacting Sydney escorts? These tips will help you out:

  • First, you shouldn’t be drunk or under the influence, because in those situations you’re not your normal self and thereby are unable to make a good first impression. 
  • Know what you’re looking for i.e. it’s wise to have at least some sort of idea regarding the type of escort you would like to book
  • Determine whether you’re going to call the escort agency Sydney or you’re going to contact them online
  • Prepare questions for an agency or Sydney escort, if you have them
  • Try to include all your questions in a single email or phone call 
  • Present yourself as an easy-going and well-mannered person 

You’re about to make contact with Sydney escorts. What now? Here’s what to do:

  • Introduce yourself, provide some information about yourself (e.g. your location such as Sydney), and explain why you contacted them. Avoid talking/writing too much, but also make sure not to jump straight to the point immediately
  • Ask politely if they offer a specific type of services 
  • Propose a time, date, and location by saying: “are you (or is she) available…” this shows you’re serious about the booking
  • Don’t be shy to ask exactly what you looking for from an escort, but in a polite manner

It’s not uncommon for potential clients to make various mistakes when booking Sydney escorts

Here are what mistakes or behaviours to avoid:

  • Negotiating rates – are incredibly offensive and will make you seem like a time-waster. Just read the rates on the website or ask them beforehand 
  • Suggesting you don’t need to wear a condom – for Sydney escorts condoms are a must. Suggesting you won’t wear it is a red flag and may even get you black-listed 
  • Asking for nudes – is disrespectful, unless you want to pay for them and even then many agencies don’t do such a thing. Nowadays many escorts have OnlyFans and other similar accounts, so you can easily subscribe

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