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6 Things to Check Before You Hire an Escort

Hiring private escorts in Sydney is easy business in Australia these days. However, if you do not abide by the laws of escort work in Sydney and of the state or do not take care of a few vital things, you are not just having sex, you are inviting trouble as well. This is why we at Hush make sure that we abide by all the rules and regulations whe you hire private escorts in Sydney– said and unsaid, to make sure that you have the best experience ever with a high class escort agency.

Here are 6 things that you should be knowing before you call an escort agency to book an appointment with our private escorts in Sydney.

Law Abiding Firms

Australia has defined a set of laws that an escort agency needs to follow to be called legal. If the escort agency that you are going to hire does not follow the law, you are at a risk of losing your identity and your reputation. While at Hush we make sure that we do not break any law, we assure you that you will need to do your homework before you call an agency.

Model’s Age and Legal Status

A lot of agencies start their operation to earn a quick buck and end up hiring escorts that are either not yet 18 or do not have the required permits to work in Australia. Hush ensures that all its models are old enough to be classified as adults by the law and all of them are legally allowed to work in Australia.

Skill of the Models

Hush private models are trained individuals who love their work. They undergo rigorous training and develop skills that will blow your mind. We are not talking sexual skills, we are talking soft skills and dressing sense that will impress you and make you fall for them instantly. This is one reason how we are able to achieve high client satisfaction.

Services Offered

Not all girls are comfortable with everything and when you hire a girl who is not comfortable with an act, you do not get the experience and satisfaction you look for. This is why Hush works with a variety of models who enjoy and take pleasure in fulfilling the different desires of men. We do not compromise on the client experience and therefore we only offer things we can deliver; and luckily, we can deliver almost anything. Get in touch and let’s discuss your needs.

Ensure Personal Information Safety

While most of the escort agencies promise personal information security, not everyone puts the right system in the place. Hush does not save your vital information and thus ensure your personal security.

Hygiene and Medical History

When you have finally decided the agency you wish to hire, it’s time to ensure the last thing that also matters more than anything else. You need to ensure that the models or escorts that you are looking at maintain hygiene and are regularly tested for diseases, especially the STD. A little bit of play should not result in a long time suffering. Hush ensures that their models are medically fit and physically healthy- this is why we are considered the best escort agency in Sydney.

These 6 criteria are the minimum that any escort agency should consider to be the best brothel in Sydney. And for your own well-being and safety, you should not overlook or compromise