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5 Sexual Services You Will Love

Sex is like an adventure. If you are a man of adventure and taste, let us tell you 5 sexual services you will love! Some new and wild things that you may enjoy in your sexual adventures

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Some people call it gross but the men who have been a part of it, call it hot and sexy.

A Rimjob is an act wherein a girl licks around the butthole of a man. A butthole of the man is the least explored area, sexually. Therefore, when you get into the act, you feel sensations that you have never felt before. These sensations are tingling, shocking, beautiful and hot – all at the same time. We have girls who love doing it. They do it with the kind of passion you see in a girl’s eye when she sees a monster dick.

Bondage On You

You have probably thought of bonding a girl and doing all sorts of bondage things to her. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to let a girl tie you up and have her way with you? Our girls are trained professionals who know what you want. They can tie you, restrain you and make you beg for mercy. A lot of men who have taken our advice and opted for bondage on them, they have always been coming back and experimenting with different girls of different skills.


This is a form of submission which involves your balls, her hands, her feet and if you like extreme adventure, her high heels. You are treated as a slave or a boss who needs to be punished or rewarded with blows to his balls. The blows are delivered in the form of kicks, punches and slap to your balls. The safe word is important and this sport is only for the real men. Hire Sydney Escort Services.

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

A girlfriend experience (GFE) involves hiring a girl to be your naughty, sexy and hot girlfriend who loves doing inappropriate things to you. She is going to be mad about you, fuck your brains out like a teenager girlfriend you had in your high school and college and keep you craving for her skin. The best part – you do not have to worry about all the irritating things girlfriends throw at you!

Porn Star Experience

Most of us imagine how would it be like to fuck a porn star! We see them all the time on the internet but how many of us have been able to feel the heat that we see in the movies? At Hush, we make it possible to have a Porn Star Experience (PSE). Our ladies are top models who have the body of the goddess and passion of a lioness to satisfy all your sexual fantasies the way you have always wanted!