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5 Sex Positions You Need to Try When seeing Sydney Escorts

There is nothing worse than boring sex. Sex should be fun, exciting, and adventurous. It’s the perfect opportunity to turn all your fantasies into reality, boost your confidence, and so much more when seeing Sydney escorts

What most people want is a wild sex life, let’s be honest. However, they don’t really do anything about it. 

Don’t let it remain just a wish or fantasy. Dare to experiment with different positions and make your time between the sheets more exciting. Whether it’s with someone from a Sydney escort agency, one-night stand, or long-term partner, you should try the following sex positions. 

Reverse cowgirl

Benefits: she gets to play with your balls, you have access to her ass.

How to do it: you’ve probably seen this position tons of times as it’s in pretty much in every porn video. Regular cowgirl is when she sits on top and facing you. The reverse cowgirl is just the opposite, you’re looking at her back and ass (duh!). Make sure she leans forward and places her hand between your legs or on your thighs. This will allow her to pick up a pace while she’s riding you.

TIP: the pace, of course, depends on how you and her like it, but make sure she’s not going down at the wrong angle so your penis doesn’t get injured. 

The wheelbarrow

Benefits:deep doggy-style penetration, good for your biceps too.

How to do it: although it seems complicated the wheelbarrow is simple. You just need to position yourself the same way as for a wheelbarrow race. As she pushes up from the floor you’re holding onto her thighs. Then, you’re basically standing and get to penetrate from behind. If she needs more stability, just suggest her to wrap her feet together behind your back.

TIP: make sure both of you have enough stability to perform this move. The last thing you want is to drop her. Position yourself so that both of you are comfortable but still able to do the wheelbarrow.

Pile driver

Benefits:deep penetration, playing with her clit

How to do it: she should lie on the bed and you try to extend her legs over her head so that ankles are practically in line with the ears. Be gentle because this position is demanding for a girl. Stand over her body with legs on either side of her shoulders. Then all you have to do is to point your boner downward to pile drive into her wet vagina. To intensify her orgasm, try to stimulate her clit.

TIP: make sure she’s comfortable. If either of you feel any sort of discomfort you can tweak the position a little bit or stop.

Stand and carry

Benefits: erotic face-to-face sex.

How to do it: start by sitting on the edge of your bed with feet on the ground. She, then, straddles your lap facing you. Slide your hard dick into her and make sure she wraps her legs around your waist. She will wrap her arms around your neck. Hold her butt and stand up.

TIP: perform stand and carry until you feel like you can’t hold any longer, then take it to the bed.

Deep impact

Benefits: amazingly deep penetration. 

How to do it: she lies with back on the bed and lifts her legs on your shoulders. Squat or kneel to penetrate her. 

TIP: go slowly to truly feel her tightness as you’re penetrating deep, but relax her legs from shoulders when she feels discomfort.

Now that you know the best sex positions to try, you’re ready to book someone from Sydney escort agency or take your relationship with girlfriend or wife to a new level.