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Sydney escorts fulfill a lot of requests especially the Pornstar Experience, but when it comes to adding a little emotion to the experience, you need an escorting agency that works with girls who are into business for more than money and sex. For example, Hush provides girls that love to get emotionally involved in the act for the happiness and the satisfaction of the client. This is why we are the best sex experience provides in Sydney. Here are three experience services that our girls ace:

  • The Porn Star Experience (PSE)
  • The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
  • Mother I Like to Fuck (MILF)

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE)

The girlfriend experience (GFE) is a setup in which the girl treats her client like her boyfriend. She gets to be naughty with him, touch him inappropriately, be out in public, making love and being hot and cute – whatever the client wants but without nagging.

This experience demands more than just mindless sex. It requires a certain level of emotional commitment that most girls fail to deliver. However, the right girl can make you feel wanted and loved and make love to you like an animal when the sun goes down. Does this sound similar to what you have in mind? Give us a call.

MILF Experience

Mother I Like to Fuck – A lot of young men feel attracted to older women. Why? That is how our crazy brain works. Also, the fact that an older woman knows what she wants makes sure that the guys do not have to ‘guess’ and meet the needs of the girl.

This is why every young male has hots for a woman older than him. You can hire a MILD Sydney escort and experience a different kind of satisfaction. Let her dominate you, teach you moves, give you directions and tell you how to make a woman happy. You will love how she enters your brain and feeds you with hot knowledge that you cannot ignore.

The Porn Star Experience

If you have been dreaming of making love to a porn star (PSE), hiring an escort and asking her for the porn star experience may be the closest thing you can achieve. The girl will dress sharp and sexy, to look like a porn star and treat you like a lucky fan who is going to have the night of his life.

You are going to be dominated because she is a celebrity and you are just a person who loves her. However, her moves and her voice will keep you and your Johnny up and strong all night. This experience will involve a certain amount of emotions and if you are not sure where to find the perfect escort for such an experience, give us a call.